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HPT Tech is ready to become your major partner for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and even more - Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.


Since 2015 HPT Tech has been working with AI, ML and data science development for
our clients, turning various types of data into money

Artificial Intelligence Services

AI is a simulation of human brain activity performed by an Artificial Neural Network that can act showing human intelligence. The primary functions that AI machine may perform count but are not limited to logical reasoning, learning and self-correction. As an artificial intelligence company, HPT Tech is always ready to provide AI development services to implement solutions of any complexity.

Machine Learning Services

Inherently ML is an ability of the computing systems to learn from the environment and improve themselves without ongoing external programming efforts. The main focus of ML software development is implementing algorithms teaching the system from the provided datasets and preparing predictions or insights from data.

Machine Learning Services is a feature of Azure SQL Database, which includes Microsoft R packages for high-performance machine learning and predictive analytics. It’s a scalable, cloud database service that provides broad SQL Server engine compatibility.

At Redwerk we provide ML services by using such approaches as supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.

Data Science as a Service

Data science is a process of extracting knowledge and insights from structured or unstructured datasets by using different processes, methods, systems, and algorithms. Providing data science services we use methods and knowledge base from such fields of study as mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information science.

Being a data science company, at HPT Tech, we masterly process data to deliver business solutions helping your business to prosper.


    We analyze data to find any explicit & hidden dependencies that might help in achieving business goals.
    Then we build the models and evaluate their efficiency in orderto be able to improve and adjust them when needed.


    We offer a service of improving systems availability by predicting failure and carrying out preventive operations. Another service we provide at Redwerk is getting all the information about decision options based on data we process, and the consequences of each possible decision.


    The next service we offer is data automation and data integration with the use of Machine Learning techniques.


    When the data is processed and the models are built we’re always ready to explain the modeled predictions and their parameters to help you master business decisions at their best.

AI & Data Science services for your business?



    We offer free support on all ML, AI and data science outsourcing projects for the first three months. We also include free QA in every product we deliver.


    At HPT Tech, we’ve met every deadline we’ve ever been given. We have the expertise and methodology to ensure our clients get the functionality they need when they need it.


    In the fast-changing business world, it’s very important to always be ahead of the competition. We can scope out and quickly deliver an MVP for your idea and, once everything is fine, a full-scale product.


    HPT Tech has been committed to providing governments with software products since 2015. You can trust that we’ll always serve you and your people’s best interests.


    While our staff is located in Eastern Europe, we’re dedicated to serving private sector organizations regardless of your specific location. We’ll keep in touch via Skype, e-mail, phone...


    Save your costs and time with an offshore team. We offer a custom approach for each and every client, taking all your needs and requests into account.